New Product: Digital Name Tag -- The wearable media player, just the size of a name tag, delivers your message through professional video or still content. The Digital Tag is the ultimate engager. It automatically leads the discussion. When your frontline staff wears this personal media player every customer will engage themselves in the sales process. The Digital Tag turns location specific marketing and sales messages into a one-on-one interaction, guaranteed to draw more sales prospects. Click for more info PDF.

                                   DigiVid-X -- Our single unit starter option is an economical multimedia signage player similar to an 80 gig DVD programmable player designed to hold days of entertainment for store front and billboard signage. It is simple to operate, stands alone and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. New micro technologies and the unique multi media CPU (Computer Processing Unit) supports the demanding, high definition decoding of MPEG video files. Simple drag and drop art and video files you create are put on a play list. Or the K&R Art department can create and email content for you 24/7.
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MENU Board Systems --  Save the cost and hassle of printing, shipping and installing static menu boards! Add some zing to the ambience of your restaurant/bar and communicate with your customers in style. Imagine an animated and changing menu (B-L-D), local time, weather and even news. We get eye balls. DigiSign Design can change the menu board however you wish 24/7, and K&R can produce menu picture and video content. Or you can work your user account to make your own changes. All software included. Digital signage menu boards guarantee immediate ROI by: .....     Click for more information PDF.

GRAND DADDY Network Systems --  This system does it all. From the smallest network to the www it has an excellent record for all signage needs including bio feedback where we can count the eyes that look. Stream live conferences and employee training to your satellite stores any where in the world. Each sign can be tailored with the right amount of entertainment and commercial information to work in any placement.

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