Four Programs to Benefit Your Business:
There are many variables in creating just the right system for you. It is our job to find and maximize ROI. However our installations generally fit into two basic program types with the third and fourth options being a variation of the second. In all, DigiSign and K&R work together with you or your ad department to give you the best experience no other digital sign company can offer.

Program 1: (Start up program)
This is our simplest introductory system. It is sometimes used as a testing model for a much larger deployment of signs. It involves installing a sign of proper size for the location that typically has a player like the DigiVid-X. You use your laptop or PC to create the content or have K&R create content and then drag and drop to a rotation list and you are done. Everything is plug and play. There are some variations that are better for future growth and need to be discussed. Let me show you options. Prices range from roughly $200 to $2500 per sign.

Program 2: (Own your own system)
This system is a bit more modest and involves installing an external/internal sign or multiple signs of proper size for the application and location, that has a DigiSign networked system backbone for content management. The networked system could be an internal owned system for fulfilling your signs anywhere in the world. Or you could get other services from our web based server which carries extras like RSS feeds, weather, news, schedule reports and choice channels. Either way you would control all the content. The sign space could be used to up-sell, do in store promotions and even be used to market other synergistic businesses for profit. K&R can help create content to place on the screens and we could work with your ad department. Installation and message board prices range from roughly $200 to $2500 per sign. Network maintenance fees and RSS programs vary from $25 to $150 per sign per month. This includes our 24/7 help line.

Program 3: (Free Signage):
Our most popular plan and is relatively risk free, is very much like the system described in Program 2 but is a no cost to you...FREE! We own the signage and control the content through the internet such that non competing synergistic business share screen time and can post advertisements along with your ad. In addition you get a bottom ticker to instantly post scrolling text at any time. This area is for local information such as specials, up-sells or announcements like birthdays and such. In addition you get to run your ad on your free screen for free. If you want to place advertising on a screen at some other location it is $150 per month and you are put in rotation with others. K&R can help create content to place on the screens.

Program 4: (Advertise On Established Networks)
This is for those of you who want to take advantage of networks we have established in other businesses, chains, schools and such. Any synergistic business sign you want to advertise on is $150 per month. The list of locations is growing mighty fast and ever changing. K&R can help create a properly formatted message that sells, teaches, motivates and drives potential customers to your store. An option is that you become a franchisee owning your own network of signs with our support team. Consider the potential of Program 2 above. You could do this right out of your home. Network maintenance fees and RSS programs vary from $25 to $150 per sign per month. Do the math! You install and own the signs, too.

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